Da Vinci DC100 electric motorcycle robot can follow its owner on its own

Da Vinci DC100 electric motorcycle robot can follow its owner on its own

The Chinese company Da Vinci Dynamics has launched a new model of electric motorcycle called Da Vinci DC100. Its main distinguishing feature is that it is a half-robot, which is able to balance and ride independently, though at low speed and not far. For example, it can come from the garage to the driveway, where the owner is waiting for him, or accompany him on a run.

The list of self-driving capabilities will expand – moreover, the manufacturer promises to put the API out into the public domain so that enthusiasts can develop new tricks. This is somewhat alarming, given that we’re talking about a large and fairly heavy vehicle. And how happy hackers will be to be able to legally take control of someone else’s motorcycle.

However, the potential danger of the Da Vinci DC100 is partially offset by the fact that the machine is not fast. Although it accelerates to a hundred in 3-4 seconds, the basic riding mode is economical. In particular, the electronics recognizes the beginning of motion on the downhill and automatically slows the motorcycle to effectively apply the mechanism of regenerative braking. And when riding on its own, the Da Vinci DC100 never accelerates more than 3 to 5 km/h.

The economical mode of operation allows the electric bike to travel up to 400 km without recharging with just 17.7 kW⋅h of battery power. The DC100 has a reversing function for better maneuvering in tight urban areas. The base version is priced at $27,500, while the deluxe version is priced at $90,000.

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