Bloomberg: Fighting the coronavirus pandemic will take years

Bloomberg: Fighting the coronavirus pandemic will take years

The fight against the coronavirus pandemic, taking into account the current rate of vaccination of the population, will last for years, reports Bloomberg.

According to the agency, currently more than 4.5 million shots of the vaccine are produced per day in the world. Given that coronavirus drugs are two-pronged, it will take approximately seven years to vaccinate 75% of the world’s population if the rate is not increased.

At the same time, Bloomberg notes that vaccination is carried out at a different rate in each country. For example, the vaccination campaign in the United States should take 11 months, while in China with its population-5.5 years.

The best rates are observed in Israel, where there are 58 doses of the vaccine per 100 people. In some countries, people have not yet begun to be vaccinated.

According to the World Health Organization, 104 million cases of coronavirus have been identified worldwide, and more than 2.2 million people have died.

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