Biden urged against giving sanctuary to hatred in America

Biden urged against giving sanctuary to hatred in America

President Joe Biden urged Americans to do everything they can to prevent hate from finding a safe haven in America. The president’s statement came amid a surge in crimes motivated by racial and national hatred.

“Sadly, we see time and again that hate does not go away,” Biden said in his statement on the occasion of International Holocaust Remembrance Day. – It is only hiding and waiting to reappear when it is given some oxygen.”

The UN General Assembly proclaimed January 27 as International Holocaust Remembrance Day.

On that day, the UN calls on all member states to honor the six million Jewish victims of the Holocaust and the millions of other victims of Nazism, and to develop educational programs to help prevent genocide in the future.

Biden deplored the rise of hate crimes in America.

“Across the country today, we see swastikas on cars, anti-Semitic banners on bridges, verbal and physical attacks on Jewish businesses and American Jews, and even Holocaust denial,” he said. – It’s despicable. It goes against everything we value as Americans. Each of us must take a stand against this poison. Together we must reaffirm again and again that hatred will find no refuge in America.”

He said the administration is working out measures to combat hate violence with partners across the country.

Biden recalled that he appointed the first ambassador-level special envoy to monitor and combat anti-Semitism.

“We are developing a national strategy to combat anti-Semitism,” the president said. – We have secured the largest increase in funding for physical security measures for nonprofit organizations, including synagogues and Jewish community centers. We continue to support Holocaust survivors so that they can live the rest of their lives with dignity and safety.”

The president said that on the occasion of this commemorative day, Second Gentleman Douglas Emhoff, husband of Vice President Kamala Harris, will attend a memorial ceremony at the former Auschwitz-Birkenau (Auschwitz) concentration camp in Poland, and will also visit Berlin to coordinate international efforts to combat anti-Semitism.

“On International Holocaust Remembrance Day and every day, the United States supports Holocaust victims, their families and their descendants,” Biden said. – We remember. We honor their stories. We will confront the hatred and the lies that carry the horrific echoes of one of the most horrific chapters in human history. And future generations will continue to defend our fundamental values as a country – freedom, equality and dignity for all people.”

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