AstraZeneca resumes testing of coronavirus vaccine

AstraZeneca resumes testing of coronavirus vaccine

The British-Swedish pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca, together with the University of Oxford, has resumed clinical trials of a vaccine against coronavirus infection.

Earlier, testing was suspended around the world due to the illness of one of the volunteers.

“Clinical trials of the AZD1222 coronavirus vaccine have been resumed in Britain after receiving confirmation from the regulator, the medicines and healthcare products authority (MHRA), that it is safe to continue testing,” the company said in a statement.

More detailed medical information was not disclosed.

At the same time, the message indicates that all participants in the drug trials will be provided with all the necessary information. The data will also be published in international clinical registries. The company said it will continue to work with health authorities around the world.

The decision to resume testing of the vaccine was made by the British team that reviewed the incident.

Earlier, the University of Oxford called the suspension of vaccine testing a “routine procedure”.

They noted that such measures are applied immediately when a potentially unexplained disease is detected in any study. At the same time, the University noted that any such case should be independently investigated.

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