An unexpected symptom of coronavirus has been named

An unexpected symptom of coronavirus has been named

Frequent hiccups can be one of the symptoms of the coronavirus, according to American doctors. The study is published in the American Journal of Emergency Medicine.

Doctors came to this conclusion after examining a 62-year-old patient from Chicago, who did not have typical symptoms of COVID-19, such as cough, fever or chest pain. At the same time, the man suffered from hiccups for four days.

His tests for the coronavirus came back positive, and there were blackouts in his lungs. He also had concomitant chronic diseases.

As noted by doctors, this is the first officially registered case when a patient with a coronavirus complained of such a problem. In this regard, doctors urged to pay attention to hiccups, which can indicate the disease COVID-19.

They also stated that the coronavirus has not yet been studied, so it is necessary to pay attention to every atypical manifestation of infection with the virus.

According to the world health organization, the number of infected people in the world has exceeded 19 million, while 714 thousand patients have died.

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