American billionaire intends to build a fantastic city of the future

American billionaire intends to build a fantastic city of the future

Businessman Mark Lore, who rose to fame by selling his e-commerce site Jet.com to Walmart for $3.3 billion, has announced a project to create a city of paradise. He insists that the idea is devoid of utopian ideas and is thoroughly pragmatic, and is based on the principles of care about the environment and progress. The future city has already been named Telosa.

Mark wants to build capitalism without its inherent flaws, something that the founding fathers of the United States dreamed of and emigrants from Europe tried to realize in some settlements. It all comes down to owning land, which becomes more expensive as the city standing on it grows. This allows landowners to make huge profits and to influence the life of the settlement without much effort, which creates enormous inequality between them and other inhabitants.

In Telosa it will be different, the purchased 150,000 acres of land will be managed by a city fund, which will lease the land and distribute its profits to the city. The first phase is expected to cost $25 billion, 50,000 people will live in the city, but in a few years the population will grow to 5 million and the city budget will exceed $400 billion.

All buildings in Telosa are energy efficient, with solar panels, water collection systems and passive air conditioning. Slow-moving electric cars and bicycles will drive through the streets, while air cabs will be used for fast travel. The city will be saturated with advanced technology, automated with the latest technology, and exist on a self-sustaining basis. It is being designed by the Bjarke Ingels Group, and construction will begin in 2030.

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