WHO stated when coronavirus pandemic will end

WHO stated when coronavirus pandemic will end

Hans Kluge, head of the World Health Organization’s (WHO) European office, said the end of the coronavirus pandemic depends on how quickly the world “learns to live with” the infection.

“Once health systems are no longer overburdened, hospitalizations and deaths from COVID-19 are reduced, and it becomes possible to provide other medical services in full, as it was before – that’s when the pandemic will probably become endemic,” Kluge said.

One of the main obstacles now has been “stalled” vaccination in some countries, as well as an unjustified weakening of preventive measures.
“I have the impression that everyone has begun to forget what happened at all. The whole world economy came to a halt a year ago,” he said indignantly.

According to WHO, the number of people infected with coronavirus worldwide has exceeded 250 million. Now the most difficult situation is in the United States, India, Brazil and Britain. Vaccination remains the surest way to protect against coronavirus. The vast majority of patients in hospitals are unvaccinated.

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