Washington Post Blame Bolton For The Collapse Of Syria Talks

Washington Post Blame Bolton For The Collapse Of Syria Talks

Negotiations between Russia and the United States on the resumption of Agreement on Ceasefire in South Syria “have largely collapsed” because of the position of US National Security Adviser John Bolton on the withdrawal of US troops, the Washington Post reports with reference to informed senior US officials. 
Negotiations with Russia on the ceasefire renewal agreement, during with discussed the withdrawal of US and Iranian troops, largely collapsed … when Bolton decided that ” US troops will not leave Syria until Iran leaves” – the newspaper says.

The newspaper recalled the talks between Russia and the United States in connection with the developing situation around the Golan heights. 
According to the publication, last year Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu appealed to Donald Trump for this issue soon after the statements of the American leader about the relocation of the US embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. However, the discussion of this situation “did not start to gain momentum” until last spring Bolton took the post as the Assistant to the President for National Security Affairs. 
The southern (southwestern) districts of Syria, which include the provinces of Deraa, Quneitra and Suweida are are included in the de-escalation zone established in July 2017 by agreement between Russia, the USA and Jordan. Syrian President Bashar Assad at the same time stated that the scenario for the liberation of the south of Syria has not yet been determined: either a peaceful solution or a forceful one.

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