Trump’s former doctor says White House is withholding information about Biden’s mental health

Trump's former doctor says White House is withholding information about Biden's mental health

The U.S. administration is withholding information about President Joe Biden’s mental state, saying that he can perform his duties without any restrictions. This assessment was made by Congressman Ronnie Jackson, who served as the U.S. president’s attending physician from 2013-2018.

“Most Americans see that Biden’s mental health is in decline,” said Jackson, who served as the president’s personal physician during the Barack Obama and Donald Trump administrations. Biden’s treating physician’s report from his regular physical exam “does not say a word” about Joe Biden’s mental health.

“The written report from Biden’s doctor, Kevin O’Connor, only confirms that the administration is persistently hiding the truth,” the congressman said. According to Jackson, he sent “three letters to the White House demanding that Biden’s cognitive abilities be tested and the results published.” “All of them were ignored,” he stated.

The White House press office released a report from the U.S. president’s attending physician, who said “Biden remains a healthy and energetic 80-year-old man.” According to O’Connor, the president “is fully performing all of his duties without any exceptions or indulgences.”

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