Tiffany Trump is getting ready to get married

Tiffany Trump is getting ready to get married

If you ask about Trump’s children, at best the interviewer will recall his eldest daughter Ivanka, who was at the center of several major scandals in her youth.

As time has passed, the grown-up daughter has increasingly moved away from her role as the star child to focus on social and political activities. Her Instagram includes photos of vaccinations, charity work and, of course, numerous shots with her father, the forty-fifth president of the United States. Her activities are followed by more than 7 million followers.

Tiffany’s youngest daughter, like her three sons, almost no one here knows. Meanwhile, the girl from Trump’s second wife celebrated her 27th birthday and is getting married. Her chosen one is the heir to a Nigerian billionaire, and the couple announced their engagement earlier this year. The wedding is planned at Trump’s beloved residence at Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach, Florida. Apparently, it will be a big enough event that it can be compared to Trump’s own wedding to Melania there in 2005.

Tiffany has spoken publicly in support of her father on more than one occasion and was active in the 2016 election. A family ceremony could make her even closer to her father and help her step out of her older sister’s shadow. Also, of course, to add to her subscribers, who are now “only” 1.5 million. What more could you want when your father is the president of the United States, albeit a former one?

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