The U.S. has banned the supply of dollar bills to Russia

The U.S. has banned the supply of dollar bills to Russia

A new executive order on Russia, signed Friday by U.S. President Joe Biden, bans the export, sale, delivery of U.S. dollar bills to Russia.

“Prohibited: the direct or indirect export, re-export, sale or delivery from the United States or by U.S. persons, wherever located, of dollar bills to the Russian government or to any person located in Russia,” the text of the executive order said.

In addition, according to the White House, the U.S. Treasury Department will closely monitor compliance with anti-Russian sanctions, including attempts to circumvent them through transactions involving virtual currency. “The U.S. Treasury Department is closely monitoring any attempts to circumvent or violate Russia-related sanctions, including through the use of virtual currency, and intends to use a broad range of powers to counter violations,” the statement said.

The document will allow future restrictions on investment in any sector of the Russian economy. “The decree will create legal authority for future restrictions on investment by U.S. individuals and entities in any sector of the Russian economy,” the statement said.

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