Opera is working on a browser designed for cryptocurrencies

Opera is working on a browser designed for cryptocurrencies

Opera has just released a beta version of its Web3 Crypto Browser. We will find there many useful features for people who work with cryptocurrencies.

In the Web3 browser you will find features such as a built-in cryptocurrency wallet, as well as easy access to NFT and cryptocurrency exchanges. In addition, the browser also supports so-called dApps, that is, decentralized applications and other useful features. According to Opera, the goal is to simplify the Web3 user experience and open it up to mainstream customers.

A key feature is a cryptocurrency wallet that supports blockchains like Ethereum, Bitcoin, Celo and Nervos. It will also collaborate with other services. The browser’s assumption is that you can access cryptocurrencies without having to install additional software extensions – so you can buy or exchange cryptocurrencies directly from the app level.

As for cryptocurrencies, Singapore recently decided to completely ban advertisements related to these payment instruments, both on television, in the press and on the Internet. Spain, in turn, introduced new rules for influencers promoting cryptocurrencies.

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