Netflix banned account sharing

Netflix banned account sharing

Netflix has notified viewers that they must now pay $7.99 a month if they want to share an account with people outside the family.

It’s still possible to transfer an account, but you can’t do it for free anymore. “A Netflix account is meant to be used by one family. All family members can use Netflix wherever they are – at home, on the road, on vacation – and take advantage of all the new features, such as profile transfers and access and device management.”

The move was made in an effort to increase the number of subscribers to the online movie theater. Netflix executives previously estimated that more than 100 million users worldwide share passwords. And the standard rate per user costs $15.49 per month. Thus, the ban on account sharing should increase service profits and add customers.

Netflix has already attempted to ban account sharing in some countries. However, the streaming service has faced with the refusal of users to pay for a subscription. Thus, in Spain, the company lost more than 1 million subscribers in three months.

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