McDonald’s will change the recipe for the Big Mac and other burgers due to increased competition

McDonald’s restaurant chain will change the recipe of “Big Mac” and other burgers amid growing competition from other fast-food chains. This was reported by The Wall Street Journal.

In the new Big Mac recipe, the patties will be cooked in smaller batches so they will be fried more evenly. The lettuce and pickles will be “fresher,” the cheese will “melt better,” and the sesame seeds on the updated brioche bun should look “scattered more chaotically” to “give the burgers the look of a home-cooked meal.”

McDonald’s experts have made a total of more than 50 changes to the cooking technology of the Big Mac and other burgers. The goal is to improve the company’s position in the fast-food market, “especially against the backdrop of higher-end competitors.”

The new recipe has already been piloted in Australia. Now the changes will affect the chain’s 13,460 restaurants in the United States. The changes should not affect the cost of meals, but individual franchise owners can set their own prices.

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