In downtown Washington, D.C., a driver failed to control and crashed into a hotel building

The driver of a Toyota Rav4 crossover failed to control, drove onto the sidewalk, smashed through a guardrail and drove into a stairwell leading to the Willard InterContinental Hotel near the White House.

“The driver failed to cope with the control. No one was injured. The driver is being interviewed and an investigation is underway,” a police officer said. The incident occurred in the morning rush hour a meter away from the bus stop.

Several police cars and ambulances rushed to the scene. After the accident, the intersection of 14th Street and Pennsylvania Avenue, where the residence of the American president is located, was temporarily blocked. After about an hour, traffic was restored, leaving only the rightmost lane of 14th Street blocked.

The stairs of the hotel, which the car hit, lead to one of the back rooms. The main entrance to the Willard InterContinental is located about an hour away from the scene.

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