In 2025, Netflix will launch a network of interactive parks for fans of its series

Netflix announced the creation of a network of unusual establishments of a new type – Netflix House. They are designed to bring together in one place everything that fans of the shows of this service like. This is a combination of a venue for live shows or installations, themed events, plus a restaurant and shopping center.

Netflix has experienced a decline in revenue due to a drop in user interest in the same-type series without interesting storylines, which focus too much on social and political agenda. Also, the model of receiving services by subscription is no longer profitable. Netflix House will become a platform on which to practice new business schemes, it is more of an advertising tool than a source of income.

For Netflix is peculiar to experiment, the service is already developing ideas for various new formats of shows related to content from popular series. Fans of the series can feel themselves in the role of their heroes, passing an obstacle course, tasting exotic dishes or taking part in a dance competition. It is promised that new ideas will be realized all the time, regardless of their profitability, as the company is busy searching for promising concepts and meanings. The first Netflix Houses are scheduled to open in 2025.

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