Ice from Greenland’s melting glaciers has begun to be exported to Dubai bars

Scientists have been regularly reminding us about the rapidly melting Greenland glaciers and the negative consequences for our planet’s climate for many years. But if the ancient glaciers have already started to crumble, why not at least benefit from it? Apparently, this is what the founders of Greenlandic startup Arctic Ice have decided to do, and they have started supplying ice that has broken away from them to cool drinks in bars in the UAE.

The interest in Greenland ice is no coincidence. According to company co-founder Malik Rasmussen, having formed over 100,000 years ago, it is perfectly pure – even purer than ordinary water – and there are no bubbles in it. Such purity is due to the lack of contact with pollutants associated with human activity.

Information about such an unusual business caused a negative reaction from some users of the Net. However, the company’s management hastened to reassure the public: it is only about small ice fragments of icebergs that broke off from glaciers and ended up in the sea. Arctic Ice collects this ice, processes it and packs it into refrigerated shipping containers for delivery to customers in the UAE.

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