How does Cameron Diaz, who left Hollywood, look on the eve of her 50th birthday?

How does Cameron Diaz, who left Hollywood, look on the eve of her 50th birthday?

For several years, the actress is fully devoted to family and a new passion – the wine business.

Cameron Diaz amazes fans with freshness and beauty at her 49 years old. In 2014, she left her profession and met her husband, Benji Madden, guitarist of the rock band Good Charlotte. From him she gave birth to her daughter Reddix via IVF in 2020 at the age of 47. Family now comes first for the actress.

Diaz’s decision to end her career a few years ago seemed rushed to many fans and colleagues. It was assumed that after a few months, the actress would return to movie sets and red carpets. But it’s been almost eight years since then, and apparently, the family idyll has completely replaced her profession.

“I’ve given 100% of myself to my acting career, so it’s just a different time in my life right now. And what fills my life now is the most exciting thing I’ve ever done in my life. Having a family, being married. It’s just the best thing that could be. I can not do movies, because all my energy is directed to the family.

In the protracted “vacation” Diaz did not sit idle. She released two best-selling beauty books, “The Body,” 2014 and “The Longevity,” 2016, and also became a professional winemaker. Diaz launched her own organic brand, Avaline, with friend Catherine Power. The ladies are committed to filling the market with affordable, organic wine – now available in white and rosé.

Diaz talked about her collaboration with Gwyneth Paltrow. Now you can buy a bottle of her wine in a set with GOOP scented candles. Paltrow once surprised the world by stating that these candles smell like her vagina, but it had an extremely positive effect on sales. Everyone wanted to know what she smelled like. As of late, it has become possible to not only smell Gwyneth’s fragrance, but also to drink it with Cameron’s wine.

The little announcement of the Diaz collab attracted attention not only by the product. Fresh and happy 49-year-old actress with red lipstick on her lips received hundreds of enthusiastic compliments. Follower admire her shape and beauty and actively find out if the truth of the secret of her eternal youth is in the wine. Not an advertisement, but a moment of good envy – it’s obvious that living a life of pleasure adorns a woman.

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