Google and Universal discuss licensing AI-created music tracks

Google, part of the Alphabet holding company, and Universal Music Entertainment, a record company, are planning to start licensing music tracks created by artificial intelligence (AI) using the voices of famous artists in the future.

The companies intend to develop a special “tool that will allow fans to create music tracks with the voices of their favorite artists legally and oblige them to pay copyright holders for it.” At the same time, artists can impose a ban on the use of their voice. Record company Warner Music Group is also in talks with Google on the matter.

The new technology in the music industry will help Google to compete with the American corporation Microsoft, which is actively working on the development of AI technologies and has already invested about $10 billion in the leading company for its development OpenAI.

Earlier, several performers, including rappers Drake, The Weeknd and singer Taylor Swift, complained about tracks imitating their voices appearing on the Internet. At the musicians’ request, Universal removed the songs from streaming platforms, citing copyright infringement.

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