Doctors On Good Alternative To Meat

Doctors On Good Alternative To Meat

Legumes can replace meat. Experts note that lentils, chickpeas and peas contain protein and fiber that is not inferior in quality to the protein in meat. A study by nutritionists from the University of Pennsylvania is published on MedicalXpress.

In addition, regular consumption of legumes reduces the risk of developing heart disease and stabilizes blood cholesterol.

“Add some chickpeas to your salad. Use them as a side dish. Rather than potatoes and rice, use some mixed beans as your sides, and then finally, use them as your main entrée instead of a meat dish,” Professor Kris-Etherton advised, one of the study’s authors – a nutrition professor at Pennsylvania State University.

He also warned that the human body may respond differently to the use of beans. In order to avoid a feeling of discomfort in the intestines, the nutritionist recommended preparing them by prolonged cooking or stewing.

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