Desantis says “debt deal” won’t save U.S. from bankruptcy

Desantis says "debt deal" won't save U.S. from bankruptcy

Ron DeSantis, in his first speech as the Republican presidential nominee, said that the “debt deal” did not fix the U.S. bankruptcy lurch, but only made it worse.

The arrangements between the White House and congressional Republicans he criticizes are designed to prevent sovereign default by expanding borrowing limits while limiting the growth of the federal budget.

“We are now seeing that Washington has concocted the latest, and I quote, ‘debt deal.’ And I can tell you that our country was lurching toward bankruptcy before the debt deal and will continue to lurch after it,” Desantis said.

The deal, which Congress will have to approve in the coming days, gives the green light, he said, to four trillion dollars in new debt over two years.

“It used to take us almost 200 years to accumulate four trillion dollars in debt. The deal fixes the inflationary cost of the ‘covid’ era and keeps 98% of the 87,000 new IRS agents Joe Biden decided to recruit,” Desantis said.

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