Democrats Subpoena Banks On Trump’s Finances & Deals With Russia

Democrats Subpoena Banks On Trump's Finances & Deals With Russia

The House’s Intelligence and Financial Services committees reported on Monday that they have issued subpoenas to numerous financial institutions, including Citigroup, Bank of America, JPMorgan Chase and Deutsche Bank AG asking for information on President Donald Trump’s finances and business banks with Russia. 
Deutsche Bank has been doing business with Trump for two decades.Trump’s business received from Deutsche Bank up to $ 2 billion in loans, of which about 300 million have not been repaid to date. 
In addition, the Head of the Supervisory Committee Elijah E. Cummings said on Monday that he intends to issue a subpoena to Mazars (tax firm), which has been preparing tax returns for Trump for approximately the past decade. Cummings wants to see financial information for the last ten years. 
Democrats who control the House of Representatives are investigating Trump in a number of financial ways. Investigations intensified after the preliminary results of the investigation were made by Special Prosecutor Robert Muller, who did not find evidence of Trump’s “conspiracy” with Russia. The edited Muller report is due for release on Thursday this week.

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