Democrats announced the formation of a group to oppose Trump if he wins the election

Democrats in the U.S. House of Representatives have begun forming a working group aimed at opposing Republican Donald Trump in case he wins the upcoming presidential election in the country. This is stated in a statement published on the website of Congressman Jared Huffman (Dem, California).

According to the document, the group should unite the efforts of lawmakers, public organizations and civil society in order to prevent Trump from implementing the alleged plans of him and his supporters to carry out radical reforms in the United States.

According to Democrats, Trump, if elected president, in particular, will try to implement the proposals of a number of conservative organizations in the United States, which were previously outlined by the Heritage Foundation and were called Project 2025.

Huffman believes that these proposals are aimed at “undermining the democratic institutions” of the of the US, “undoing checks and balances, weakening the separation of church and state, and imposing a right-wing agenda that infringes on basic rights and goes against the will of the public.”

“This is an unprecedented tilt toward extremism, fascism and religious nationalism organized by the radical right while using the shadowy means of their supporters. We need a coordinated strategy to save America and stop this plot before it’s too late.”

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