Clinical trials of “radiation pills” began in the U.S.

Clinical trials of "radiation pills" began in the U.S.

In the United States, clinical trials have begun on an experimental drug, HOPO 14-1, which is designed to cleanse the human body of radioactive elements. It will not save those who are too close to the source of harsh gamma radiation or receive a high dose of radiation. It is a kind of “filter” that will help minimize the long-term effects of the components of the “dirty bomb” or its counterparts.

The drug was developed by Sinclair International and is designed to remove from the body elements with a long half-life, which can irradiate a person for a long time. In normal conditions, to protect against them, it is sufficient to dress as hermetically as possible and breathe through a mask, the main thing is to prevent radioactive dust, liquids or contaminated food from entering the body. But if this does happen, the HOPO 14-1 tablet should help to get the dangerous components out.

The principle of action of HOPO 14-1 is based on the binding of the atoms of radioactive substances with molecules of the drug, and then they are together removed naturally. The technology is not new, it relies on the body’s ability to get rid of dangerous substances – you just need to prevent them from fixing inside it. For example, taking iodine in advance overloads the thyroid gland with this substance, after which it loses the ability to accumulate radioactive iodine.

The advantage of HOPO 14-1 is that they have the form of easy-to-use tablets and immediately affect the entire body. How long the substance works, and how often it must be taken, is unknown. Still, it is an experimental drug, which is not even recognized as safe for humans yet.

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