Biden did not answer questions about “spy balloon”

Biden did not answer questions about "spy balloon"

President Joe Biden ignored questions related to the Chinese “spy balloon” that he tried to ask Friday during an approach to reporters on the economy.

Biden’s speech focused on record job growth in the United States. When he finished, he told the press that he was only willing to answer questions about the economy, “otherwise you won’t write anything about it. Nevertheless, some journalists tried to shout questions about the “spy balloon” and the postponement of U.S. Secretary of State Anthony Blinken’s visit to China. Biden, left them unconcerned.

Authorities have detected and are tracking a high-altitude reconnaissance balloon that is now over the continental United States. According to Ryder, “the balloon is currently traveling at an altitude much higher than that at which commercial air travel is conducted and poses no military or physical threat to people on the ground.” However, the U.S. Defense Department said they considered it dangerous to shoot down the balloon because of its impressive size.

The Pentagon also said that U.S. authorities “acted immediately after the balloon was discovered to impede the collection of important information.

A spokesman for the Chinese Foreign Ministry clarified that “the balloon came from China and its purpose is civilian, in particular the probe is used for meteorological research.” According to him, “due to a strong westerly wind, the balloon lost control and deviated from the set course.

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