Antibodies that neutralize all coronavirus mutations were found

Antibodies that neutralize all coronavirus mutations were found

Based on the antibody found by American scientists, which can neutralize all known mutations of coronavirus, it is possible to create a cure and modify the vaccine, but still need to analyze all the data and conduct appropriate research.

Scientists from Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis (USA) have discovered an antibody capable of neutralizing all known coronavirus mutations, a study published on the university’s official portal.

If a point specific antibody is found that needs a small amount to neutralize the coronavirus infection it will be possible to create a cure, make monoclonal antibodies that will synthesize other animals, other organisms, and administer it as a drug. Antibodies against coronavirus infection have varying degrees of effectiveness; scientists have found the antibody that protects better than others.

In the future, it will be possible to modify the vaccine to produce more of these specific antibodies after it is injected in the human body. However, there is no point in making a vaccine based only on these antibodies, since the virus may continue to change and the vaccine will not be effective. However, before new drugs appear, it is necessary to study this issue in more detail, analyze the data, and conduct appropriate research.

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