89% of American students admitted that they already actively use AI to do their homework

89% of American students admitted that they already actively use AI to do their homework

Portal with online courses Study.com surveyed 1,000 college students and found that they are already heavily using AI in their studies. We are talking about a popular because of its accessibility text chat-bot ChatGPT.

According to the survey, about 50% of students regularly assign it to write essays instead of themselves, and 48% use it to pass tests for homework. Another 22% admitted that they don’t even bother to write an outline of a paper without the help of AI.

Study.com’s research methodology raised questions among specialists, but the fact that students are using AI in their studies on a massive scale is no longer surprising. Chatbots have in a short time become an integral part of the learning process, albeit unofficially. And therein lies the main problem: the U.S. community of educators is divided on whether to ban or approve AI?

At first glance, it seems logical that if the AI does the tasks instead of the student, the latter’s intellectual abilities will not develop, or even begin to degrade. On the other hand, humanity is steadily moving towards saturation of all spheres of its life with technologies that simplify the performance of various tasks.

Once a calculator was considered unacceptable help in school calculations, and text editors in computers were scolded because they can write with mistakes and correct them with built-in dictionaries.

There is no way to ban AI for objective reasons, especially since students themselves do everything they can to make AI results indistinguishable from their own. But this is a huge plus, because in this way they help to develop artificial intelligence technology in general. So a number of scientists recommend coming to terms with the inevitable and developing new teaching methods that allow students to develop their skills using AI.

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