Why Biden “evades” questions from the press

Why Biden "evades" questions from the press

U.S. President Joe Biden, after giving a speech on Ukraine on February 15, decided not to answer journalists’ questions and left the podium rather quickly. This was noticed by the staff of the Fox News TV channel. Its host noted that “Biden is in the habit of avoiding questions from journalists on both international and domestic issues.

Fox News analyst Joe Concha thinks that if the head of the White House makes such statements, he should answer at least a few questions from reporters, instead of drifting off the field like Cooper Cupp, a professional American soccer player.

It is no secret that the US president avoids public press conferences and practically does not talk to journalists. Earlier, the American press wrote that Biden was forbidden to answer uncoordinated questions in order to avoid absurdities and absurdities. A single inaccuracy or mistake could play havoc with him and lead to some irreversible consequences.

There is, however, Jen Psaki, the White House spokeswoman, who is always available to comment on matters of concern to journalists, but then again, as one viewer points out, “Everybody knows what happens when Psaki starts answering questions without preparation. You can imagine what a show it would be if Biden started answering.”

However, Biden’s ingenuity should not be overlooked; in response to a reporter’s question as to whether a Russian invasion of Ukraine is indeed “closer than ever,” Biden wished the reporter “Happy Valentine’s Day.” As for an “invasion,” the American leader said in his speech that he did not believe the Russians wanted to go to war with Ukraine, while adding that the possibility of an “attack” remained.

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