Who is leading America right now? Isn’t that the man who runs the giant Easter bunny

Given the state of our grocery shelves, southern border, gas prices, jobs, foreign policy, public schools, inflation and health care, one would love to know who really runs the greatest country on earth.

On Sunday, the White House celebrated Easter with a traditional egg roll, but thanks to the president, the Resurrection celebration turned into a national embarrassment. His “handlers,” including his wife, did their best to walk him like a pet, telling him when to sit, when to talk and when to stand.

All of this raises the obvious and troubling question: Who is now in charge of the greatest country on earth? Because it sure as hell isn’t Joe Biden.

If you haven’t seen any video of the event, you might think it’s an exaggeration, but it’s not. Here’s Jill Biden taking over the children’s book reading process, and her husband announces: “And they won’t let me read at all.”

“I’ll let you – here, you can start,” the first lady patronizingly declared, allowing the president to read only the first page.

But Jill Biden patted Joe on the arm, urging him to “just stand there,” apparently to keep him from leaving as usual, whereupon the couple laugh awkwardly at this, as if the spouse had just not treated the president of the free world like a puppy during training.

After the president’s address from the White House, the first lady intervened, ordering him to do the obvious: “Wave, wave.”

Of course, if there’s one thing we know about family relationships, it’s that exemplary “Type A” behavioral wives often observe and control the small details and help their husbands do the same. But this Joe Biden-induced helplessness wasn’t just the presidential equivalent of losing your wallet or not being able to find something right inside the refrigerator. It was like watching a nursing home nurse spoon-feed a patient.

Worse, it wasn’t just his wife who was babysitting him – even a giant furry rabbit was assigned to “shepherd” the president. When Biden started rambling on about Pakistan and Afghanistan (his troop withdrawal, unsuccessful and deadly, was one of the many crises that defined his presidency), the Easter bunny intervened and prevented the president from saying another word.

If anyone still had any faith in our leader’s competence, this should have shattered it. But it’s not just a matter of pointing out the eternal blunders of Biden, that “gaffe machine.” This is a serious question: who is in charge in this country?

We know it’s not Joe Biden, and although his wife had the reins on Sunday, we know that the First Lady’s power is extremely limited. It’s probably not the man in the bunny suit either.

We also know that it is not Kamala Harris, who, despite being several decades younger than the president, is unable to utter a more coherent sentence than he is, and seems, as a true “vice president,” largely spared the need to do what an overprotective administration is busy doing.

Nor is it White House press secretary Jen Psaki, who receives almost daily admonitions from Fox News’ Peter Doocy and is rumored to be leaving her post soon for a part-time job at MSNBC, where she will continue to PR for the Biden administration.

We also know that these are not Democratic congressmen, who don’t have enough majorities to do anything nonsense except promote the Supreme Court nominee (not to be confused with a biologist) nominated by Biden for a justice – and that with the help of Republicans.

Who is in charge of the United States is an important question, and it is no laughing matter. All of our foreign adversaries are watching and anticipating the fun. Weakness provokes aggression, as we have seen with Russia’s special operation in Ukraine and the systematic destruction of the U.S. southern border.

And here’s what we’ve come to: over 330 million people who have supposedly put the reins of government in the hands of a president driven by the Easter Bunny have no idea who’s really in charge. Given the state of our food shelves, southern border, gas prices, jobs, foreign policy, public schools, inflation and health care, I’d love to know the answer to that question.