U.S. to send $7 billion in aid to Afghan refugees

U.S. to send $7 billion in aid to Afghan refugees

U.S. President Joe Biden signed a law that includes extending funding for the federal government through February 18, 2022, as well as providing $7 billion in aid to Afghan refugees, according to a statement from the White House.

The law, which “provides appropriations to federal entities for fiscal year 2022 (which began in the country on October 1), through February 18, 2022, to continue federal government projects and activities, includes additional appropriations to continue support for those evacuated from Afghanistan. This is an allocation of $7 billion to assist Afghans arriving in the United States. Similarly, in September, $6.3 billion was provided for that purpose.

On Thursday, both houses of Congress approved a bill to temporarily fund the federal government through Feb. 18, 2022. The previous funding extension resolution, signed by the president on Oct. 1, expires Friday. On Sept. 30, the previous fiscal year, 2021, ended in the U.S., but lawmakers have yet to agree on a full budget for next year. As a result, they are forced to pass temporary resolutions to extend funding for the government.

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