Twice as many Republicans intend to support Trump in the primaries as Desantis

Twice as many Republicans intend to support Trump in the primaries as Desantis

Former U.S. President Donald Trump remains the most popular potential presidential candidate of the Republican Party, twice ahead of his main rival, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. This is evidenced by the published poll conducted by SSRS on behalf of the television channel CNN.

Trump was named the most preferred presidential candidate by 53 percent of respondents and Desantis by 26 percent. Eight in 10 respondents intend to support one of these two candidates, but many voters are also open to considering other candidates, including former U.S. permanent U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley, South Carolina Senator Tim Scott or former Vice President Mike Pence. Overall, 73% of the party’s supporters are satisfied with the current slate of candidates.

Meanwhile, more than half of Republicans are confident that Trump will be the party’s presidential nominee. This opinion was expressed by 52% of those polled. 35% of respondents believe such an outcome is likely. At the same time, only 13% believe that Trump will not be able to win the primary.

The poll was conducted May 17-20 among 1,227 U.S. citizens who are members or supporters of the Republican Party. The margin of error was about 3.7 percentage points.

Trump has announced he will run for president in November 2022. Desantis announced his candidacy for the nation’s highest office on May 24. Incumbent U.S. President Joe Biden said April 25 that he would seek re-election.

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