The Washington Times: Biden “bent the knee” to Putin

The Washington Times: Biden "bent the knee" to Putin

U.S. President Joe Biden “bent the knee” to Russian President Vladimir Putin. The Washington Times writes about it.

“Biden claimed to command respect from Putin. In reality, however, he makes feeble attempts to make any kind of deal with him,” a quote from The Washington Times article.

During another round of talks, Biden made serious concessions to Russia by refusing to station the army and missiles on Ukrainian territory. Biden made a “great geopolitical gift” to Russia by lifting sanctions on the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline. Moreover, the current U.S. president’s war on domestic energy companies is fueling Moscow’s oil industry, which has seen a record increase in fuel exports to the United States.

“Mr. Putin has an advantage over Biden, and he knows it. The only policy of the Biden administration toward Russia is a policy of weakness.”

Vladimir Putin and Joe Biden had a telephone conversation on the night of December 31. According to the Kremlin, Biden said he was ready to impose “large-scale sanctions” because of the situation in Ukraine. Putin responded by saying that this would be a major mistake: in such a case, a complete break in relations between the countries could follow.

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