The Sportsmate 5 exoskeleton will make it easier or harder to move at will

The Sportsmate 5 exoskeleton will make it easier or harder to move at will

Currently, there are already several types of exoskeletons – for certain professions: military, construction and warehouse workers and for ordinary users. The company Enhanced Robotics, Hong Kong, offers a new, sporty version of the exoskeleton – Sportsmate 5.

Sportsmate is attached to the lower part of the body – at the waist and hips. The inside of the waistband has an adjustable inflatable padding for a comfortable fit over the body. It only takes one minute to put on the Sportsmate 5.

The device has two wearing modes. For example, if the user wants to put some of the load on the exoskeleton during walking, they use a button to start the corresponding mode.

Initially, sensors on the Sportsmate 5 capture the user’s footstep movements and trigger motors that lift the legs one by one, helping the wearer to walk forward. The AI-based algorithm continuously learns the user’s gait patterns.

The second mode is resistance mode. It can be used by athletes during training to get additional strain on their muscles. The motors, which previously provided acceleration, begin to generate “reverse” torque, generating resistance up to 10 N⋅m.

Sportsmate 5 is made of modern materials – plastic, reinforced carbon fiber and aluminum alloy. The exoskeleton weighs only 2.5 kg. The operating life of the device is about three hours in support mode on a single charge. Additional charging capacity of 3000 mA⋅h/ 22.2 V battery is provided by the energy recovery system.

Those interested in the Sportsmate 5 can take a closer look at it on Kickstarter. If the campaign is successful, those who invested in it will be able to buy an exoskeleton for just $900. The retail price will be $1,517.

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