The MO-JET modular system includes several floating devices at once

The MO-JET modular system includes several floating devices at once

Today there are already several types of electrically-powered watercraft, such as surfboards, hydrofoils, bodyboards and underwater scooters. However, they are all quite expensive individually. The German company Jetworx has developed the mo-jet, a modular system that combines several floating devices.

The mo-jet is based on a polyethylene housing module that houses two removable 50-volt lithium-ion batteries as well as a removable electric waterjet drive. It develops up to 116 kg of thrust and can operate from 25 minutes to an hour on a single 75-minute charge, depending on the mo-jet’s configuration.

The front part of the device is a surf module, in fact, an electric board, capable of accelerating up to 65 km/h, and 55 km/h it reaches in less than three seconds. For more reliability, a special rope is attached to the bow, which the surfer holds on to during the ride. The speed is controlled by a wireless remote control.

For users with fewer demands there is another option – a bodyboard. You can ride it lying down or kneeling with the front handles. Another mo-jet option is the electric hydrofoil board.

In the future, Jetworx plans to create three more modules. The water-filled submersible module will turn into an underwater scooter. The inflatable surf module will give extra buoyancy to surfers with an impressive weight, and the long, three-passenger module will come in handy during rescue operations. In either configuration, the units are connected with just two screws that are secured with a special hex wrench.

The mo-jet is currently the subject of a campaign on Kickstarter, where you can already place an order by paying 6,000 euros per kit. Jetworx plans to begin production in April 2022.

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