The delta strain is 233% more dangerous than the original coronavirus

The delta strain is 233% more dangerous than the original coronavirus

Saving humanity from the COVID-19 pandemic is becoming increasingly difficult as new strains of the virus emerge. Canadian researchers from the University of Toronto analyzed disease statistics for all known forms of SARS-CoV-2 and came to a disappointing conclusion.

The study examined 200,000 cases of coronavirus in Canada, identifying alpha, beta, gamma and the newest delta strain of the virus. The frequency of hospitalization, the number of ICU admissions and the actual number of patient deaths were chosen as the key evaluation parameters. For the first, early strains, all indicators are roughly equal; they increase the risk of hospitalization by 52%, the need for intensive care by 89%, and mortality by 51%.

The data are compared to the base strain, but the delta strain broke all records: it increases the risk of hospitalization by 108% and mortality by 133%. To make matters worse, treatment for it is much more difficult than before – the risk of ending up in the emergency room has increased by 235% at once. The final conclusion of the Canadian researchers is that the delta strain kills people 2.33 times more effectively than last year’s coronavirus.

But the good news is that the vaccine retains its effectiveness with all strains, including delta. Scientists estimate that using the vaccine reduces the risk of mortality by 80-90%, although it does little to protect against infection itself. Let’s face it: almost all people will have to face the coronavirus, get sick, and beat the infection. And it would be better to do so before a new, even more deadly strain emerges.

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