The automatic Shrooly system allows you to grow edible mushrooms at home

The automatic Shrooly system allows you to grow edible mushrooms at home

Growing mushrooms at home is not easy. A new development by Shrooly is designed to automatically provide ideal conditions for mushroom spores. The system was developed in Great Britain.

The Shrooly device has a switch and a display on one side that can be controlled through a special app. It contains blocks seeded with spores of various species of edible mushrooms, which Shrooly itself supplies.

First, the block is placed inside the device and a little water is added. Then, using an app, they select the type of mushrooms and simply turn on the machine. The device constantly maintains the right humidity, full-spectrum lighting and ventilation. It is claimed that the crop matures in 7-10 days. During this period, the display shows information about the temperature inside and the estimated time before harvesting begins.

Depending on the type of mushrooms, one to three batches can grow from one unit. The mushroom varieties that the company now offers include curly-headed gryphola, puffin, steppe oyster, golden oyster, pink oyster, colored trout, chestnut mushroom, shiitake and cordyceps. You can also grow something of your own, but then you will have to manually enter the germination conditions into the app.

Shrooly is available for €279 before going into mass production. The planned retail price is €419, and the spore blocks cost $12 each.