Team USA will play in a unique uniform at the 2022 World Cup

Team USA will play in a unique uniform at the 2022 World Cup

The United States national soccer team has received a new uniform from Nike, which used a revolutionary technology in the manufacture of “clothes”.

Fans of the U.S. national team, as well as more than three dozen other teams participating in the soccer “Mundial”, are looking forward to the tournament in Qatar, scheduled for November 20. Although the Americans are not on the list of the main favorites in the competition, the new generation of players who will represent the country at the 2022 World Cup is considered very talented and capable of serious achievements.

For example – to get out of a fairly tough group, in which, according to the lot, in addition to the Americans got a team of England, the national team of Wales and the team of Iran. According to the odds in Melbet Betting Club where there is always a wide range of objects for betting on soccer and the Qatar Mundial, the USA in particular along with the English favorites are the main contenders to get the playoff tickets from this quartet.

To help the American team to achieve success should be the new uniform from Nike, presented by the manufacturer of the equipment a few days ago. Experts call it a real breakthrough in terms of production technology. After all, the uniform has been created using a new method called “Ice dyeing”. which allows to achieve a unique color and physical characteristics.

This technology is based on the process of mixing ice cubes and special powdered pigments containing different colors. As the ice melts, the color spreads irregularly through the fabric, creating unique effects and patterns. And then the original color also changes already on the finished product – when it is exposed to sunlight, or other methods of exposure – moisture, heat, etc.

Nike expects the new jerseys to help the U.S. national team achieve a historic result in the World Cup-2022 in Qatar. As media reports Bet On Mobile, as such the American team will be the exit to the semifinals of the tournament, because before the Americans at the modern format of the tournament has once reached the quarterfinals – at the “mundial” in Japan and Korea in 2002. The Americans had lost in the match to Germany, the future finalist of the tournament, for the right to get into the Top Four.

The USA national team also reached the semifinals of the World Cup, but it happened long ago, in 1930, at the first “Mundial” which was held according to the ancient format with a small number of participants and the Americans were strong enough to get into the top quartet with only two wins in the group. In the playoffs, however, the U.S. lost to Argentina with a devastating score of 1-6.

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