Something like an Iron Man suit was spotted at the SpaceX test site

Something like an Iron Man suit was spotted at the SpaceX test site

The paparazzi, of RGV Aerial Photography, filmed something intriguing at the Starbase test site. This facility in South Texas is owned by SpaceX, a company Elon Musk recently announced the development of a robotic humanoid called the Tesla Bot. The photo, of course, does not show a robot at all, but something quite similar.

There is no official commentary yet, so social network users are actively speculating. The object was transported on a pickup truck, which means that it has a solid weight and size. The object is placed on a special wooden stand – it is clearly not a decoration. Judging by the picture, there are a lot of voids inside, so we can assume that we are talking about armor, an exoskeleton or a frame for a robot. Or all at once.

Many have noted the resemblance to the costume of Iron Man, the American comic book hero, which sparked jokes about Musk preparing for a Halloween masquerade. Makeup and costume experts supported the idea: you can see the fasteners and pads for comfortable wearing, if you want. The helmet is especially embarrassing – the closed construction and low visibility indicates a high degree of protection, but the other elements of the “armor” do not match this. It is possible that it is a decorative thing.

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