Scooterson introduces ROLLEY+ smart electric scooter with thick tires

Scooterson introduces ROLLEY+ smart electric scooter with thick tires

A few electric scooters with thick tires like the Scrooser and Phatty have seen the light of day in recent years, but the Scooterson Rolley+, similar in appearance, stands out with its advanced functionality and ease of use. The company is currently raising funds to launch its production on Indiegogo.

The Rolley+ is an electric scooter with aerospace aluminum alloy bearings on custom 200/30-11 Kenda tires combined with a carbon-reinforced polymer body and a padded seat over the rear fender. A 750-watt gear motor generates 80N⋅m of torque and accelerates the scooter to 30 km/h, and a removable 750W⋅h battery provides up to 50 km of riding on a single charge. A full charge takes about 3 hours. Braking is done with disc brakes. The adaptive headlight turns on automatically if necessary.

A mobile companion app on a smartphone, for which there is a handlebar mount, connects to the Rolley+ via Bluetooth or LTE and is used to select four levels of motor assistance. There are two ways to unlock the scooter: through a mobile app or through facial recognition software. You can also turn on and off the headlights in the front and rear and receive battery level notifications through the app. To prevent theft, Find My Scooter is available, showing the location of the Rolley+ on a map, which can also be reported to authorized family and friends.

The design and prototyping phases are complete, and a small batch has already gone into production. The first finished models are scheduled to be shipped to sponsors in May 2022.

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