Saudi Prince Mohammed bin Salman will build the world’s longest building

Saudi Prince Mohammed bin Salman will build the world's longest building

In Saudi Arabia, the world’s largest building may appear in the coming years. This is a project of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. It is preliminary known that its height will reach 487 meters, and its length will be more than 120 kilometers. The unique construction will consist of two buildings standing in parallel and will be called the “Mirror Line”. It will be able to accommodate up to 5 000 000 inhabitants. The total cost of the project is estimated at one trillion dollars.

“The Mirror Line” will be a unique project. It is assumed that it will have almost everything you need for a full life of a large number of people. This is not only a sports stadium, but the marina and other no less large-scale infrastructure. In addition, the “golden paradise” will use renewable energy sources. It is also planned to produce food directly in it.

Upon learning the details of the project, environmentalists were worried. The giant building of a “linear city” could significantly upset the ecological balance established by nature. In particular, the building will cross mountains and change bird migration routes, and some pressing issues, such as water runoff, have not yet found a decent solution. Also, many are asking the quite reasonable question of what will happen if a pandemic breaks out in this “paradise.

Despite the possible negative consequences, the giant structure is likely to be built. Prince Salman wants to make a mark in history as the man who created something no less significant than the Egyptian pyramids, which we still admire to this day.