Republicans seek alternatives to Trump and Desantis for president

Republicans seek alternatives to Trump and Desantis for president

Major businessmen – supporters of the Republican Party are looking for alternatives to the nominees of former U.S. President Donald Trump and Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida for the highest state office.

U.S. business representatives are on the lookout for a candidate committed to conservative politics, “but without the zeal for culture wars that Desantis has demonstrated and without the theatricality and unpredictability of Trump.”

“It would be great to have someone in the race who wasn’t trying to compete with Trump’s economic policies, a candidate like the 40th president of the United States, Republican Ronald Reagan, who can talk about free-market politics and respects rather than demonizes big business,” Brian Darling, head of the Heritage Foundation conservative foundation, told the publication.

It is noted that Desantis, who is seen as Trump’s main rival, has alienated many with his increased focus on social issues such as abortion and discussion of sexual orientation in schools.

Among the possible alternatives are Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin and Georgia Governor Brian Kemp. Youngkin has previously stated that he has no intention of running for president in 2024. Kemp’s intentions regarding the presidential race have not been specified.

According to a poll conducted in April by NBC America, at least 31% of Republican Party voters would support Desantis’ candidacy in the primary. Meanwhile, 46% favored Trump as the nominee for the nation’s highest office in the upcoming election.

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