Psaki: decisions on payment in rubles for Russian gas supplies are made by countries individually

Decisions to pay for Russian gas supplies in rubles are made by countries individually, the U.S. has already spoken out against such a decision. This was stated by White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki at a regular briefing, commenting on Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban’s words that Budapest is ready to pay for gas in rubles if Russia wants it.

“Obviously, relying on the ruble is a decision that countries make individually. We’ve made our position on that clear,” she said when asked whether the U.S. had engaged with Hungary on the subject.

Psaki also recalled that Hungary is a U.S. NATO ally.

“We continue to cooperate on a range of bilateral and common global interests, including NATO defense and humanitarian assistance. We will continue to work to strengthen our partnership,” Psaki added.

During the briefing, she was asked whether the U.S. side intended to communicate with Hungary in the near future on the issue of paying in rubles for supplies from Russia. Ms. Psaki responded by saying she would check with the State Department to see if the administration in Washington had plans to do so.

One reporter also asked the White House press secretary to comment on the rise of the ruble. Psaki then reiterated the position expressed earlier in Washington that the Western sanctions imposed against Russia are effective, and the ruble’s appreciation is explained by the adoption of “artificial measures” in Russia. “It is important to note that the Russian Central Bank is taking measures to artificially support the ruble. So it’s not really a growth. It is being artificially supported by restrictions, including the ban on the sale of dollars by banks to clients. They’re essentially manipulating the ruble exchange rate,” Psaki said.

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