Psaki contracted the coronavirus

Psaki contracted the coronavirus

The White House reported that press secretary Jen Psaki tested positive for coronavirus and has not been in contact with U.S. President Joe Biden and administration officials since Wednesday, but did not accompany the delegation to the G20 summit.

“On Wednesday, in coordination with the White House medical team, I decided not to accompany the president on an overseas trip for family reasons, due to a member of my family testing positive for coronavirus. Since then, I have been quarantined and tested negative daily. Be that as it may, I tested positive for coronavirus today,” Psaki said in a statement.

As Jen Psaki noted, she has had no contact with the president or senior members of the administration since Wednesday.

Four days after Joe Baden’s last contact, tests showed no virus, Psaki stressed. “The last time I saw the president was Tuesday, when we were sitting in masks two feet apart,” Psaki said.

She noted that thanks to the vaccine, she is not experiencing acute symptoms and is working from home. “I plan to return to work at the end of the ten-day quarantine after the negative test,” Psaki noted, citing a doctor’s recommendation.

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