Preparing your figure for the summer season

Preparing your figure for the summer season

It’s still winter, but spring is just around the corner. And that means hello miniskirts and cleavage, goodbye, extra pounds and cellulite. But it takes a little bit of work.

Of course, you already know that just by exercising in a fitness club is not possible to achieve an ideal figure. Usually the work is done in three areas: physical activity, proper nutrition and body care. Let’s talk about the third point.

Fortunately, there are now a lot of beauty products that help deal with cellulite and loose skin, to give it tone and smoothness. Our number one helper is a silicone body brush from PMD BEAUTY. With this brush you can easily turn your daily shower into an effective treatment and spa session.

The new beauty gadget from the American company that conquered Hollywood, will provide deep cleansing, give elasticity, tone and smoothness to your skin, and reduce the number of ingrown hairs. In addition to the main silicone brush, the set includes 3 attachments: antibacterial loofah sponge with silver, massager and exfoliator.

The massager effectively relieves muscle tension and tension, stimulates blood flow, which helps eliminate swelling and lymphatic stasis. The Silver-infused loofah sponge attachment is excellent foaming and quick-drying, has anti-cellulite properties, promotes effective peeling of the skin and a high-quality massage. And the exfoliator attachment, which is coated with a unique composition of antibacterial aluminum oxide, gently exfoliates rough skin on heels, elbows and other areas.

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