Pregnant Rihanna showed off her belly in an unusual outfit

Pregnant Rihanna showed off her belly in an unusual outfit

Pregnancy is not an excuse to dress in comfortable, but depressing clothes for expectant mothers, says Rihanna. Since the singer announced the pregnancy, she and then appears in public in extravagant outfits, in all the glory of showing her interesting situation.

Early last month, Rihanna announced that she was expecting her first child. The rapper AsapRocky was chosen by one of the famous singers of the world, and to tell about the upcoming baby the couple decided to do a photo shoot, for which Rihanna posed in a dress, which emphasized visibly rounded belly.

Rihanna has always been famous for her unique style and she did not change it during the pregnancy. The singer still prefers original things, which immediately distinguish her from the crowd, and now she also chooses to emphasize her pregnancy.

On social networks Rihanna shows some of her images. The other day she shared a photo, for which she posed in a bright blue jumpsuit with an asymmetrical cut on the stomach, sunglasses and shoes, matched to the color and a raincoat thrown over the top.

As always, Rihanna’s fans admired her choice of image and once again noted that no one else knows how to combine clothes the way she does. However, waiting for a baby adds touching even to such a bold image.

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