Police arrest suspect in Highland Park shooting

Police arrest suspect in Highland Park shooting

Police say they have arrested a man connected to a shooting in the Chicago suburb of Highland Park. Six people were killed and more than 36 were wounded in the tragedy.

Police confirmed they have arrested 22-year-old Robert E. Crimo III. Law enforcement said the suspect was behind the wheel of a silver 2010 Honda Fit.

More than 36 people were injured, according to Jim Anthony, a spokesman for NorthShore University HealthSystem Hospital. For his part, Brigham Temple, an emergency room physician, noted that the 26 victims taken to Highland Park Hospital ranged in age from 8 to 85.

President Biden said he and the first lady were shocked by the Independence Day shooting.

“Jill and I are appalled by the senseless gun violence that once again brought grief this Independence Day. We are grateful for the emergency services and law enforcement on the scene. I have spoken with Illinois Governor Jay Robert Pritzker and Highland Park Mayor Nancy Rothering and offered the full support of the federal government,” the American president said in a statement.