National Archives: Trump’s staff didn’t give us all the proper documentation

National Archives: Trump's staff didn't give us all the proper documentation

The administration of former President Donald Trump has not handed over all presidential documents to the National Archives, and the latter are going to consult with the Department of Justice on taking steps to transfer these materials. The archives officials told Congress of this.

A congressional committee on Sept. 13 demanded that the National Archives conduct an urgent review. This came after agency officials admitted they did not know whether all of the White House presidential records during Donald Trump’s tenure had been turned over to them.

“While it’s not easy to establish absolute accountability, we know that we don’t keep everything that should be kept,” Acting Archivist Debra Wall said Friday in a letter to the House Oversight and Reform Committee.

She said the National Archives knows that some White House staffers have engaged in official work using personal email messenger accounts that have not been copied and forwarded to their official accounts in violation of the Presidential Records Act.

Wall said the National Archives intends to consult with the Justice Department on the “appropriateness of taking steps to return illegally seized records.”

The Oversight Committee provided a copy of the letter to Reuters but did not comment on it.

Trump’s representatives did not respond to a request for comment.