More than 30 protesters arrested in Washington

More than 30 protesters arrested in Washington

More than 30 people have been arrested at abortion demonstrations in downtown Washington for obstructing traffic in downtown Washington, law enforcement said.

“We have warned demonstrators three times and are now beginning arrests for violating the Metropolitan Ordinance’s article on mass gatherings, obstructing or trespassing in a restricted area,” Capitol Police said on their Twitter feed. So far, 33 people have been detained for blocking traffic on Constitution Avenue, police said.

Demonstrations are taking place in Washington as the Supreme Court reviews the legality of a state’s abortion restriction. Two rallies are taking place in front of the highest court, one in support of a woman’s right to an abortion, the other calling the procedure murder. Another demonstration is taking place on the east side of the Capitol. Young people in Liberty University balaclavas are calling for the protection of unborn babies.

According to a police report, the arrests do not involve participants in “legitimate demonstrations outside the Supreme Court.”

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