More than 2,000 unknown substances found in vape mixtures

More than 2,000 unknown substances found in vape mixtures

Experts from Johns Hopkins University (USA) have conducted the first large-scale comprehensive study of vape mixes and compositions for electronic cigarettes. They are not looking for something specific and did not set out to prove something, it was a typical search of all the chemicals present in the samples. To simplify the task took only products with imitation of the taste and smell of tobacco, without other flavorings, and the study itself is conducted using high-resolution mass spectrometry and liquid chromatography.

In the end, scientists counted more than 2,000 different chemical compounds, most of which could not be identified. In particular, six hazardous substances were found: three industrial chemicals, a couple of flavorings with proven harm to the human body and one pesticide. But most of all, scientists were surprised by the presence of caffeine – nowhere in the description of the vapes is it indicated that this potent psychostimulant is used there.

Another mystery was the traces of hydrocarbon-like compounds in vape aerosols, already in the form of condensate. Usually such substances are formed during combustion, but it cannot be ruled out that they could have been produced during vaporization. And this raises a new question – what is actually going on inside the vape, what processes are going on in it? If you consider that earlier Australian scientists found in these liquids and nicotine, and benzaldehyde, and even immunosuppressants, the logical question arises – but what is the true composition of this “product”?

Researchers emphasize that so far they have no right to call vapes and similar devices dangerous to health, there is too little information for that. But it is certainly not a “safe” alternative to classic cigarettes. Most likely, manufacturers mislead both consumers and regulatory agencies by adding unknown ingredients to liquids at their discretion.

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