Meta launches incentive program for content creators

Meta launches incentive program for content creators

Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced the launch of an incentive program that will allow content creators to earn more money.

“We’re updating our subscriptions product so creators can earn more,” Zuckerberg said. The company’s product involves the ability to set up paid subscriptions using a division between free and premium content that content creators themselves can enter.

Commissions in the amount of 30%, charged by the American company Apple, complicate the growth of profitability for content creators, in this regard, Meta has decided to create additional opportunities for users. Apple has a commission of 15% to 30% on each payment in the App Store, with no way for device users to be informed about the possibility of purchases outside of it.

First, Meta “runs a promotional link for creators offering their subscriptions. When people click on it to the advertised page, all tax-deductible money earned will go to content creators – bypassing additional commissions.

In addition, creators will have access to “the email addresses of all their new subscribers” – Zuckerberg didn’t explain whether that extends to data hidden in privacy settings. The company will also launch a bonus program that will pay money for each new subscriber as part of a “$1 billion investment initiative announced this summer.” Zuckerberg did not specify whether the innovation applies to all of Meta’s social networks, nor did he indicate whether it would only apply to Apple’s platforms.

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